What We Do

The Global Partnerships & Outreach (GPO) team works in collaboration with faculty, university administrators and partners around the world to advance UConn’s global initiatives. The work of GPO comprises three functions:

  • Global Partnerships: On the global partnerships front, the GPO team promotes relationship building and collaboration among the UConn community and partner institutions around the world. This is done through providing support in drafting international agreements; sharing funding and engagement opportunities; planning outreach events; as well as collecting data and reporting on UConn's global activities.  The team works closely with the University’s Office of the General Counsel to construct specialized agreements tailored to School/College and partner programmatic needs. GPO also oversees involvement  in global networks, such as Universitas 21, as well as interaction with United Nations units/programs and subsequent reporting on such efforts.
  • Communications: GPO coordinates the communications and social media efforts for the Office of Global Affairs and provides Global Affairs’ units  and special initiatives with support in design and/or content creation for websites and marketing materials.
  • Special Initiatives: GPO manages the Vice President for Global Affairs' special initiatives, including but not limited to Norian Armenian Programs and Abrahamic Programs, which includes organizing outreach programs and events with global and local partners.

Meet the Team

Maz Htoo

Maz Htoo
Partnerships Specialist
E-mail: maz@uconn.edu / tin_maung.htoo@uconn.edu

Before joining the Global Partnerships & Outreach team at the University of Connecticut, Maz spent over 7 years as social enterprise consultant in Myanmar, developing and transforming various social enterprises that supported women’s empowerment and at-risk and homeless youth. He has served as an adjunct lecturer of social entrepreneurship for universities in Myanmar and Switzerland, including University of Business and International Studies in Geneva and Swiss Business School in Zurich.

Maz holds a BA in English from the University of East Yangon, a BSc (Hons.) in Business Information Technology from the University of Greenwich and a MA in Business Information Systems from Australian Catholic University. He researches and writes on productivity and economic development in Myanmar.

Kinga H. Karlowska

Kinga H. Karlowska
Global Initiatives Coordinator
E-mail: kinga.h.karlowska@uconn.edu

Kinga comes to the Office of Global Affairs with project management experience in public service, academia, and non-profits. She has worked at the Connecticut Institute for Refugees and Immigrants, building youth programs and delivering essential services for refugee children. Most recently, Kinga aided legislators at the Connecticut General Assembly as a constituent engagement coordinator. Kinga holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science and a master's degree in International Relations from UMass Boston. During her education, she studied in France, Poland, and Kosovo, in addition to conducting research in Turkey. In her role at the Office of Global Affairs, she hopes to foster global curiosity and engagement among UConn students and faculty.

Marisa Tatiwong

Marisa Tatiwong
Program Coordinator (Global Partnerships & Agreements)
E-mail: marisa.tatiwong@uconn.edu
Phone: +1 860.486.4112

Marisa joined UConn Global Affairs in September 2019 after working in corporate partner relations for UConn’s Center for Career Development since 2017. Prior to coming to UConn, she lived in India and Thailand since 2008, working with social enterprises and a study abroad institute to promote sustainable development initiatives and social justice.

Marisa graduated from UConn with a Master in Business Administration (2021) and B.S. in Business Administration (2008).

Graduate Assistants & Interns

Profile - Rui Wu

Rui Wu
Global Partnerships Graduate Assistant (Research & Database)
E-mail: rui.wu@uconn.edu

Rui is a graduate student in Human Development and Family Science. Before joining UConn Global Affairs, she worked as a research assistant at the HDFS department. Her research focused on bias-based victimization, discrimination, exclusion, and bullying and their impact on adolescent mental health. She also holds a master's degree in Communication.