Office of Global Affairs Funding Opportunities

The University of Connecticut Office of Global Affairs makes available certain funding opportunities to faculty and staff through its special initiatives. Click the below buttons to expand the sections to find out more information.

Global Distinguished Humanities Fellowship

In an effort to foster international collaboration and highlight the importance of the humanities in creating a future that speaks globally to social justice, equity, and the environment, Global Affairs and the Humanities Institute (UCHI) have joined forces to create a new opportunity for a Global Distinguished Humanities Fellowship (GDHF) at the University of Connecticut (UConn).This initiative is designed to strengthen ties with UConn’s international partners by inviting faculty scholars from universities that have ongoing Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with UConn.  (See the Global Affairs’ interactive mapfor a detailed list of countries and institutes.)

Funding for the fellowship totals $10,000 and is expected to include scholar honoraria, travel, and housing during their visit.Priority will be given to projects that include detailed outreach within the UConn community and potential for future scholarly exchange and/or collaboration.

Interested in Hosting an International Fellow at UConn?

UConn faculty, with the endorsement of their respective department heads, will nominate an international scholar to visit the UConn Storrs campus for no less than one (1) week and no more than one (1) month. The scholar will engage with the University community, have an office space at UCHI, and may provide public lectures, meet with classes, talk with graduate students, and provide time and support to work with faculty at UConn on future projects. Nominating academic departments will be responsible for hosting and scheduling the visiting fellow’s time.  Schedules should be developed in collaboration with Global Affairs and UCHI. The University will sponsor a J-1 Exchange Visitor visa for selected fellows. The hosting academic department will be responsible for submitting a timely application to International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) for a J-1 visa sponsorship. To learn more about the visa sponsorship request process and responsibilities of the hosting academic department, please visit UConn ISSS – Host a Visiting Scholar.

Learn more about nominating a Fellow and download the nomination form at

Deadline for Application: 2021 Competition has been delayed due to COVID-19
Notification of Award: 2021 Competition has been delayed due to COVID-19

Baden-Württemberg & Connecticut Faculty Mobility Program

UConn faculty interested in visiting colleagues at one or several Baden-Württemberg Universities is invited to apply for short-term travel grants. The objective of this program is to help initiate new cooperation activities and to strengthen existing cooperation between Connecticut and Baden-Württemberg.

Amount of Awards and Funding Period:

Grants including travel allowance and funding per diem are offered for short-term (3-10 days) visits to BW, to assist with travel and living costs. The grant will be disbursed towards the hosting institution by the Ministry and subsequently to the individual.


Applicants must hold an appropriate appointment at their home institution, which officially participates in the BW-CT Exchange. Participation in the mobility program implies a deliberate and active commitment to the project of building durable bridges, at the departmental level, between the partner institutions in BW and CT.

Application Information:

The application consists of:

  • Application form (including CV and list of publications)
  • Description of purpose of visit, including reason for choice of host researcher/host institution and potential for developing additional contact and cooperation between the units represented by the applicant and the proposed host.

NOTE: The program is not currently accepting applications. Please check back periodically for future updates.


Yuhang Rong, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Global Affairs
(860) 486-3152

Learn more about the Baden-Württemberg and Connecticut partnership here.

Norian Armenian Programs

The University of Connecticut Norian Armenian Programs fund various research travel, publications and academic projects that further the dissemination of information about Armenian culture, history, and society to the UConn Community and the broader public. Applications for funding will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please allow for a minimum of 2 months for application review and decision notification.

All funded projects must acknowledge the University of Connecticut Norian Armenian Programs for their contribution.

Norian Armenian Programs - Funding Application

Any project that is funded by UConn's Norian Armenian Programs, must acknowledge support in any resulting publications or media.
  • If this project is not affiliated with an organization please write "individual".
  • (e.g. Professor of History, University XYZ)
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Max. file size: 100 MB.
    Please upload an excel file with a detailed budget. The breakdown should include all project expenses, revenues, in-kind support, and other pending or imminent applications for grants, with indications of any overlaps with this application.
  • Please provide a brief justification for line items in the budget.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

IIE Centennial Fellowship Application

Application Deadline: June 30, 2021, 6:00pm ET

IIE is now accepting applications for the third cohort of IIE Centennial Fellows! The IIE Centennial Fellowship is an annual fellowship program that honors IIE’s Centennial and our association with the Fulbright Program. The IIE Centennial Fellowship seeks to help enhance Fulbright as a life-long experience and recognize Fulbright alumni whose work embodies the underlining Fulbright values of mutual understanding, leadership, global problem solving, and global impact.

For the 2021-2022 call for proposals, four Fulbright alumni will be selected to receive fellowship awards of up to $25,000 to help fund ongoing or planned projects that focus on increasing access, equity, and empowerment for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and other marginalized communities at the local, national or global level. Projects that promote continued collaboration and institutional linkages established during applicants’ Fulbright grant periods are always encouraged.

In this cycle, IIE has an additional award opportunity available - the New Leaders Award. The eligibilty criteria and theme for this award and project are the same as the IIE Centennial Fellowships, however the applicant must have completed their Fulbright program within the last five years and the award amount is $15,000. Applicants can apply for either award or both (if they meet eligibility criteria) within this single application.


Universitas21 Funding & Engagement Opportunities

In April 2010, UConn became the second U.S. University invited to join the Universitas 21 network, which comprises some of the world's major institutions of higher education. Access to this network allows UConn faculty and students to access a number of international collaboration projects and funding opportunities. To learn more about UConn's involvement in U21, follow this link, or click the tab in the top navigation menu.

U21 Graduate Collaborative Research Awards

U21's Graduate Collaborative Research Awards are designed to be flexible and encourage doctoral candidates, with the support of their supervisors/advisors, to think innovatively about how their research could benefit from engagement with other members of the U21 network.

Learn more about this U21 funding opportunity and the application process at:

The deadline for applications to the 2021 awards are as follows:

  • Deadline for applications: Friday 6 August 2021
  • Decisions announced the week commencing: September 6, 2021
  • Funding to be transferred to the lead institution’s Graduate School by Friday, October 8, 2021

Note: Please copy on correspondence regarding application.

University of Birmingham-Fulbright Award

The University of Birmingham is very pleased to announce that the University of Birmingham-Fulbright awards are now open for the 2022-23 academic year.

Whilst we continue to live in a period of uncertainty, the importance of international collaboration has never been more evident, and we are excited to let you know about the opportunities to undertake a Fulbright award with us at the University of Birmingham.

Make important things happen with a University of Birmingham-Fulbright award

As one of the top 100 institutions of the world, the University of Birmingham has a long tradition of forging purposeful, innovative and collaborative research connections across the world but particularly with the United States. Our participation in the US-UK Fulbright Commission provides valuable opportunities for US researchers to work at Birmingham and enjoy meaningful international experience, enhancing their career and networks.

Why choose the University of Birmingham? 

  • Experience a leading research intensive university, ranked within the top 100 ranked universities in the world
  • Build long-term collaboration and networking opportunities
  • Access our rich cultural assets and research collections, including the world-renowned Shakespeare Institute
  • Explore the city of Birmingham - 7 minutes from campus by train
  • Place yourself in the heart of the UK with easy access to Europe

University of Birmingham-Fulbright Awards

The University of Birmingham offers a range of Fulbright Award opportunities for US faculty and students to come to the University of Birmingham and gain a deeply rewarding experience that will enrich learning, research and career prospects.

It is one of a handful of UK universities to host a Fulbright Distinguished Scholar, the most prestigious Fulbright award.  The University of Birmingham-Fulbright Distinguished Scholar Award is a generous six-month secondment that enables a prominent US professor to be based at the University of Birmingham, with access to all the University’s research collections, and provides an opportunity to undertake research and build links in the UK.  The Distinguished Scholar award is particularly appealing if you are seeking to develop long-term research projects with Birmingham academics.  Further information on this award can be found at:

The University also offers a Fulbright-University of Birmingham Scholar award annually, enabling a researcher based at a US institution to visit the University of Birmingham for a period of 3-9 months to conduct research in any subject.  Further information on this award can be found at:

How to apply

All awards are made by the Fulbright Commission, and full details of how to apply may be found at the Fulbright Commission website.  The closing date for applications is 15th September 2021.

Further information

As a research-intensive university, Birmingham is committed to research that is pioneering in terms of its originality and distinctiveness, significance and rigour.  Further information about the research being undertaken currently at the University can be found at:

Further information regarding the University of Birmingham-Fulbright opportunities can be found at: You can also contact Catherine Lemon, International Development Manager for more information, by email at

Note: Please copy on correspondence regarding application.

U21 Health Sciences Group Funding Opportunities

U21 Health Sciences Group (HSG) offers faculty and research students a range of funding options for collaborative projects. We strongly encourage our members to take an interdisciplinary approach involving multiple health themes, working in partnership with at least three member universities.

Please find all details below providing an overview of U21 HSG funding schemes and links to application forms. Please notify if you submit an application or abstract, and copy on any related correspondence with U21 HSG.

Registration is now open for the U21 HSG Annual Meeting, hosted by the Tecnologico de Monterrey School of Medicine and Health Sciences to be held virtually from September 13 - 15, 2021.

2021 U21 Health Sciences Group Annual Meeting

The 2021 U21 Health Sciences Group Annual Meeting will be hosted by Tecnologico de Monterrey School of Medicine and Health Sciences on the 13-15th September 2021. As last year, the Annual Meeting will be hosted online.

The theme of this year’s meeting is ‘Prevention, Wellbeing, and Longevity in a Post-Covid World’ and includes the Virtual Doctoral Student Forum that will take place on Monday 13th September which is focused on the theme of ‘One Health-related research’.

View the outline programme here.

Register for the Annual Meeting here.

As well as the core sessions, the meeting will also include the Teaching Excellence Award Winners Workshop, the Sustainable Development Goals Group Forum and the Interprofessional Education Group Forum, as well as other events and activities.

The U21 HSG Annual Meeting is a free event open to all staff and student members across the U21 HSG network of universities.

International Projects Fund

The U21 HSG International Projects Fund is aimed at supporting academic and non-academic represented teams develop a collaborative project with at least three U21 HSG member institutions, across at least two countries. This is designed to be a more flexible fund to enable members to think innovatively with the aim of helping us achieve the network’s overarching goals. These may include for example: enhancing global education, information exchange and sharing of resources.

Up to £10,000 will be awarded annually with the expectation that, over a 12 month period, the project group will deliver specific project outputs and report on these at the Annual Meeting. Apply here.

The deadline for proposals for the International Projects Fund is Monday July 5, 2021.

Research Development Fund

The U21 HSG Research Development Fund is aimed at supporting interdisciplinary research projects across at least three U21 HSG member universities, across at least two countries.

Up to £10,000 will be awarded annually for a 12-month period with the expectation that this will lead to high-impact publications and applications for further substantial funding. Apply here.

The deadline for proposals for the Research Development Fund is Monday July 5, 2021.

Student Research Fund

The U21 HSG Student Research Fund is designed to support Masters (Research) and Doctoral Students across the network to develop a research project with at least three U21 HSG member institutions across two countries.

Up to £5,000 will be awarded annually with the expectation that, over a 12-month period, the project group will submit at least one high-impact paper for publication and report on project outputs at the Annual Meeting. This award includes a contribution to fund travel for a representative to attend the Annual Meeting. Apply here.

The deadline for proposals for the Student Research Fund is Monday July 5, 2021.

Teaching Excellence Award

The Teaching Excellence Award is a way to celebrate and reward exceptional educational scholarship, particularly amongst research intensive universities, across the U21 HSG network.  The award is also our way to recognise leaders in this area and share their areas of good practice across the network.

The award also helps us to nurture international cooperation, one of U21’s key objectives, by offering faculty from different universities, and regions, to work together on exciting, interdisciplinary projects.

What does the Award offer?

As well as the prestige of winning the award, the award offers two nominees from different universities, and ideally, from different disciplines, funding to attend the U21 HSG Annual Meeting 2022.

The two winners will be required to work together to facilitate an educational workshop that will be delivered at the U21 HSG Annual Meeting.

Who is it aimed at?

The award is principally aimed at early to mid-career academics across the U21 HSG. It offers applicants a fantastic opportunity to develop new collaborations, to work internationally and to share their joint expertise with others.

Nominees must be faculty or instructors in one of the U21 HSG member universities and hold a position with a significant component of teaching. They are expected to have had 5-10 years of teaching experience.

How do I apply?

To apply you will need to contact your University Teaching Excellence Award representative. They will explain their internal nomination process, deadlines and share the full application pack with you if you are selected internally.

Nomination process

Each university will have their own internal nomination, review process and timeline which you will be advised of through your representative.

One nomination per university should be submitted by Zahra Ali ( to the selection committee via the U21 Health Sciences Operations Manager by Monday 12th July 2021.

Early Career Researcher Fund

The U21 HSG Early Career Researcher Fund is being offered this year to support academic staff from U21 HSG member institutions at a relatively early stage of their careers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. This fund is being offered to aid the recovery of early career researcher's development and to help re-establish their career following this challenging period. It is designed to be a more flexible fund to enable applicants to move forwards with their chosen career path.

Ideas for submissions include: collaborative research projects, publication support, connecting with other network members and online CPD/training opportunities.

Up to £5,000 will be awarded this year to each successful applicant.

Deadline for applications: Monday 20th September, 2021. Please copy and inform if you do submit an application.

For more details and to apply, click here.

2021 Virtual Doctoral Student Forum

The School of Medicine and Health Sciences at Tecnologico de Monterrey is delighted to host the 2021 U21 Health Sciences Group Virtual International Doctoral Student Forum, in collaboration with the U21 HSG Annual Meeting, on Monday 13th September.

The Virtual International Doctoral Student Forum aims to encourage students to share their research and educational experiences in the pandemic and post-pandemic eras, considering the diversity of career opportunities available following completion.

We eagerly invite doctoral students from various disciplines across the U21 HSG member institutions to present their work virtually to the 19 network member institutions across the globe.

These disciplines may include Biomedical Sciences, Dentistry, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery, Pharmacy, Public Health and other allied Health subject areas.

Topics from all areas of Health Sciences research can be submitted, and we particularly welcome submissions from One Health related research. Students are not required to give an overview of their whole project but rather a summary of their research.

The Virtual International Doctoral Student Forum programme will include Masterclasses from expert researchers, student oral presentations, and poster presentations.

The International Review Panel, made up of academics from across the network, will award prizes for the best presentations.

Students will also be invited to attend all the virtual plenaries of the U21 Health Sciences Group Annual Meeting during the event. This year's topic meeting is "Prevention, Wellbeing, and Longevity in Post-Covid World."

Interested students should submit their abstract online by 18th June 2021 (Deadline has been extended).

The Selection Committee expects to inform its decision by 5th July 2021.

*Please note: Interested students need to create an account to submit their applications.*

Council for European Studies Funding Opportunities

The the Council for European Studies (CES) is dedicated to supporting cutting-edge research on Europe and European affairs, and offers a variety of fellowships, grants, and awards. Please find all details below providing an overview of CES funding schemes and links to application forms. Please notify if you submit an application, and copy on any related correspondence with CES.


Mellon-CES Dissertation Completion Fellowship

The Mellon-CES Dissertation Completion Fellowship provides a $27,500 stipend paid in six (6) bi-monthly installments over the course of the fellowship year to scholars on the brink of completing their dissertation, as well as assistance in securing reimbursements or waivers in eligible health insurance and candidacy fees. The annual application period opens October 1. Applications are due (along with all supporting materials) on or before January 15.  Learn more…

SAE-CES Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowship

The Society for the Anthropology of Europe (SAE) and the Council for European Studies (CES) invite eligible graduate students with a focus on European Anthropology to apply for the Anthropology of Europe Pre-Dissertation Fellowship for a $5000 stipend to fund two months’ study in Europe. The annual application period opens October 15. Applications are due (along with all supporting materials) on or before February 1. Applicants will be notified of the Committee’s decision by the beginning of May. Learn more…

Awards & Prizes

European Studies Book Award

The European Studies Book Award is awarded every two years and honors the best first book on any subject in European Studies published within a two-year period. The winning author receives $1,000 and travel assistance to attend the conference and award ceremony. Applications and nominations open September 15 and are due (postmarked by) October 15. Winners will be notified of the committee’s decision by May 2020.  Learn more…

European Studies First Article Prize

The European Studies First Article Prize honors the writers of the best first articles on European Studies published within a two-year period. Each prize winner received $500 and public recognition on the Council’s website and publications. Application and nominations open July 1 and are due on or before October 1. Learn more…


CES Conference Travel Grants

CES Conference Travel Grants support trans-continental travel for junior faculty and graduate students already scheduled to present at the Council’s International Conference of Europeanists. Those who are awarded a CES Conference Travel Grant will receive a cash grant of $500 and a waiver of their registration fee. The annual application period opens November 15. Applications are due (along with all supporting materials) on or before January 9. The grant winner will be notified by February. Learn more…

CES Small Event Grants

CES Small Event Grants support workshops, lectures, symposia and other small events that share research on Europe with a wider community. Individuals affiliated with CES member institutions are eligible to apply for grants ranging from $300 to $1500. Applications will be processed biannually. The deadline for events taking place in the Spring semester is December 1. The deadline for Fall events is July 15. The winners will be announced in January and August, respectively. Learn more…

United Nations Engagement Opportunities

As a United Nations Academic Impact member, UConn faculty and students are given access to a range of programs and opportunities hosted by the UN. A list of previous opportunities can be found following this link.

World Refugee Day – Together We Learn

UNHCR UNAI World Refugee Day

2021 UNDP Annual Meeting on Rule of Law and Human Rights

Annual Meeting of United Nations on Rule of Law and Human Rights

The United Nations Development Programme is organizing its Annual Meeting on Strengthening the Rule of Law and Human Rights for Sustaining Peace and Fostering Development, to be held from 22-24 June 2021 in a virtual format. While reflecting on the achievements of 2020, the event will take a close look at the complexity and challenges of the continuing crisis, as well as the various opportunities offered for furthering a more accountable, inclusive, and just future. The meeting will also serve as the background discussion for the next phase of the Global Programme on Rule of Law and Human Rights (2022-2025).

To register for the event please click here:

UN Charter Day – Future of Diplomacy After COVID-19

UNAI Digital Dialogue Series UN Charter Day