Global Agreement Process

UConn faculty interested in establishing a formal institutional relationship and collaboration with a university partner overseas, the following is a step by step process and information on types of agreements Global Partnerships & Outreach can help you develop.

This process is applicable to the creation or renewal of Memoranda of Agreement (MOAs), Mobility Agreements, Capacity Building and Training Program Agreements, among others. This procedure helps expedite the process of international agreements from initiation to execution.

In order to develop an agreement, a global partnership should have a UConn Faculty Sponsor—a member of the faculty who is committed to helping build a productive multifaceted interdisciplinary relationship with the partner institution. The Faculty Sponsor commits to:

  • Adhering to the agreement development process by submitting the specified proposal forms and securing leadership approval;
  • Supporting proposed projects and programs throughout the duration of the agreement;
  • Involving faculty throughout their department, college/school and the university in engaging with the collaboration
  • Submitting international activity reports.