U21 Student Opportunities: Social Entrepreneur Corps

The Universitas 21 Social Entrepreneur Corps is a four-week immersive program in Ecuador where students will have opportunity to participate in individual and group development projects, study Spanish, stay with Ecuadoran families, explore different locations, and directly contribute to the economic development of rural Ecuador. This opportunity is open to all majors and a faculty nomination is required.

To apply please ask a faculty member to nominate you and reach out to christina.wong@uconn.edu for the nomination form. 

Read more on U21 Social Entrepreneur Corps here.

2017 U21 Social Entrepreneur Corps: Ecuador 
Start Date: June 25, 2017
End Date: July 2, 2017
Nomination Deadline:  March 24, 2017
Application Deadline: April 7, 2017
Location: Ceunca, Ecuador and Loja, Ecuador
Student Application: An application link will be made available to students who receive a nomination from a UConn faculty member.

2016 U21 Social Entrepreneur Corps: Ecuador 
Start Date: June 26, 2016
End Date: July 22, 2016
Location: Ceunca, Ecuador and Loja, Ecuador
Student Participant feedback: “The past summer spent in Ecuador was the best summer I ever had. I was given to venture into an entirely different environment from what I am used to back home in Singapore. It was a wonderful experience working with students from various parts of the world. Each of us brought to the table our own life experiences and knowledge from our respective fields of study. This diversity gave me a chance to contribute what I could and helped me discover many ways I could still grow and learn in – it was nothing short of a humbling experience. Most of all, being given the chance to homestay with locals allowed me to fully immerse myself in the Ecuadorian lifestyle while forging deep relationships with the locals we were working with. Although the locals I met had rather different lived realities from my own, I saw how we were actually more similar in all our hopes and dreams than we liked to realise. I left Ecuador with new friends from all over the world and a fresh perspective on humanity and these are things I will treasure for a lifetime!” – 2016 U21 SEC in Ecuador Participant

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