Universitas 21 Student Opportunities: Higher Education & Student Affairs

In partnership with the University of Glasgow, a partner Universitas 21 member institution, the UConn Higher Education & Student Affairs (HESA) Program provides an International Experience for HESA students. Students go to Scotland for three weeks in May-June and work as a team alongside student services professionals at the University of Glasgow to address a problem of practice at UG and deepen practitioner understanding of the issue at hand.

Upon return to the University of Connecticut for the Fall semester, students enroll in EDLR 5094 – International Dimensions of Higher Education and Student Affairs, which puts their experiences at the University of Glasgow into the larger context of international higher education. Students also prepare an Action Report detailing the results of the project undertaken in Glasgow and present their findings to the HESA community and representatives of the partner institution.


2016 HESA Glasgow 3: Emily Pearson, Lauren Hennes, Abigail Smith


2015 HESA Glasgow 3: Erin Jouliot, Ryan Baldassario, Megan Brannan
2015 HESA New South Wales 3: Tina Harney, Virginia Cabrera, Nancy Wong


In May 2014, five HESA students traveled to the University of Glasgow to conduct a comprehensive inquiry project for UG Student Affairs on the effective use of social media to recruit, enroll, support, and retain international students. Their project involved interviewing and surveying dozens of international students in Glasgow as well as extensive review of social media platforms and their use around the globe.

Their inquiry project focused on four main questions:

  • What social media platforms are UofG students using?
  • How are students using these platforms?
  • How do students prefer that UofG use social media to connect with students?
  • How do students engage with and create new networks on social media?

The HESA Glasgow 5 were able to identify best practices for using social media with multiple constituencies and ways to extend the university’s international reach and support through social media.

2014 HESA Glasgow 5: Caroline Green, Em Loisel, Eileen Rodriguez, Jackie Lee, Ty McNamee


International Experience Members: Sarah Lindahl, Shana Clarke, Jim Pierson, Katie Farrington, and Kira Pierce.